History of UTeM


Established on 1st December 2000 as the 1st Technical Public University in Malaysia.
Located in the UNESCO world heritage city of Malacca, Set within 766 acres of lush verdant landscape boasting state-of-the art facilities in all its seven faculties.
As a Focus University, UTeM boasts strengths in technical fields – namely Engineering, IT, and Management Technology. UTeM has cemented a reputation of being a source of high-quality engineering graduates with the capability of meeting the requirements of high-tech industries. UTeM also has research competencies in areas that it has identified as being key to enhancing the University’s unique proposition and also contributes to the nation such as Green Technology, Systems Engineering, Human-Technology Interaction, and Emerging Technology.

UTeM admits not only local but also international students and this includes students from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Syria, Pakistan, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Tanzania, India, Somalia, Singapore, Qatar, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Ghana, France, Yemen, Nigeria and Jordan.

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering
  • Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
  • Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship.
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology
Specifically assigned by the government to collaborate and work closely with the industrial sector.
To be one of the worlds’s leading innovative technical schools, producing graduates that meet the current demands of the industry and able to handle the future needs as well. In order to ensure that UTeM is able to produce engineers and technologists who are technically-competent, UTeM has invested in the following:
  • Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC)
    Set up to promote high technology and precision manufacturing facilities for the purpose of Contract R&D, Contract Manufacturing and in-house industrial on-the-job training.
  • CEO Roundtable
    Gathering captains of industry both locally and regionally to provide advice to UTeM including sharing of experiences and providing feedbacks to improve UTeM’s academic programmes, infrastructure and graduate employability as well as creating entrepreneurial leaders.
  • Industrial Environment Campus
    Current developments in UTeM are focused on the establishment of training centers that will cater to the needs of the industry as well as providing industrial environment and exposure to the students.
UTeM has identified critical FOCUSED areas that are the most important for the university’s unique strengths. UTeM has chosen Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) as its niche area, which requires synergistic commitment of all faculties in UTeM and underpinned by four Thrust Areas as follows:
  1. Green Technology
  2. Systems Engineering
  3. Human - Technology Interaction
  4. Emerging Technology
UTeM’s thrust areas are multidisciplinary in nature, which includes and draws on the strengths of existing faculties, research centres, institute and laboratories within the university.
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